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Remote Operated Pipeline Inspection Vehicle v1



Pipeline Inspection ROV





Remote Operated Pipeline and Industrial

Vehicles capable of  Inspection and surveillance.

Variants for Radio Controlled or Umbilical cord

Controlled operations.

Metal built  4–wheel drive Pipeline Crawler ,

capable of  entry into pipes with a minimum

Internal diameter of 100 mm.

Equipped with camera boom arm, capable

of reaching 170mm above floor height. Fitted

with a 360 degree rotatable Wi-Fi camera

and high intensity front and rear LED lamps.

2.4Ghz. Full RC & tethered control, through

Umbilical cord.

Overall length 260 mm, Width 68 mm

(over tires) , Height  62 mm  (with lowered

Camera boom).


Can fit into minimum 100 mm


I/D pipelines.


360 degree rotatable Wi-Fi camera


Intensity adjustable LED head & rear lights


2.4Ghz Radio Controlled locomotion

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