Since 2008




We have a 1000 square feet sized factory floor, housing metal and wood working machinery.  Our team of 8 skilled model  makers

is guided by a 2 member design  and development  team. To visit our factory contact us at


Manufacturers of handcrafted Garden Railway Locomotives, Rolling  Stock  & Home builder parts in Brass for O, Gauge 1, Fn3, G, SM32, SM45,  7/8ths., Gauge 3, scales.

Made in India

Designing the Freelance tractor locomotive

Milling of Axle boxes

CNC  retro-fitted Micro Mill test

Resistance Soldering Unit in use

Machining Rolling Stock axles

Micro-controller based Chassis testing jig

Machining bronze bushes

Bent frame Chassis forming jig

PLine’s 10th birthday cake 18-April-2018

Built in Brass