Made in India

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Built in Brass† from Model Engineering Company

Manufacturers of handcrafted Garden Railway Locomotives, Rolling† Stock† & Home builder parts in Brass for O, Gauge 1, Fn3, G, SM32, SM45,† 7/8ths., Gauge 3, scales.

For bespoke Model Engineering

spares & CNC retrofits,

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Keith Froomís PLine made NDM6 & EIR NG coaches in Maroon, in SM32, on Eddie Bullís line (U.K).

Robert Millerís PLine Gauge 3 Diesel Shunter (U.K).

John Blakelyís PLine 8-Wheel NG Coach set poses with his RH B class (Australia).

Phil Shreadís PLine KSR ZDM1 in SM32 (U.K).

Keith F. Froomís Fowler Resilient in SM32 (U.K).





Marc Walterís PLine Z class Freight & N class Passenger Trains in SM45 (Switzerland).

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