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New Releases for 2018 (10th anniversary year)


Manufacturers of handcrafted Garden Railway Locomotives, Rolling  Stock  & Home builder parts in Brass for O, Gauge 1, Fn3, G, SM32, SM45,  7/8ths., Gauge 3, scales.

Made in India

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News & Updates


Take part in our 2018 Facebook Contest, and you could win a PLine 16mm model (NEW)


4-Wheel EIR Saloon Car sets in SM32/G45. (NEW)


4-Wheel Indian NG Guard/Brake Van in SM32/G45 . (NEW)


We are hence forth exclusively represented in India by TINYTOWN.IN


Fowler Jackshaft locomotive  in SM32/G45 . 10th. Anniversary edition


We are now taking orders for the last batch of our DHR NDM6 in SM32/G45 scale


Maharaja’s Saloon sets in SM32/G45 . 10th. Anniversary edition


Ranigunj Coal Tipper sets in SM32/G45.

Maharaja’s Saloon sets in SM32/45  10th Anniversary edition

2008– 2018

Fowler Jackshaft Locomotive in SM32/45  10th Anniversary edition

Built in Brass